Jeff and his team at A1 helped us through a really rough time as we discovered mold in the house we had just moved into. I would recommend A1 Quality to anyone and everyone! They made a terrible situation so much better and at such a fair price. Jeff was always available for any questions and always explained in great detail what the process would be. He kept me calm about the whole process, informing me as he went. We are very thankful for A1 Quality!

I cannot say enough about Jeff and his crew. It all started 3 years ago when I, a single mom with an 8 year old daughter, rented a home where I smelled mold after being there for a couple weeks. I was referred to Jeff by a Realtor friend of mine. He came out and as soon as he got out of his van he smelled the mold. He didn't even have to walk inside and knew there was mold.

He came in and could not believe that someone would rent the home in the condition that it was in. He went under the house and took photos. He did testing and when the tests came back, not only did he send me the results he called me. He was on the way to the lake with his family when I was able to call him back, but he wanted to make sure he went over the results with me to let me know the severity of the issues.

Forward on to 3 years later and my nose can smell mold from a mile away.... I could smell it in my moms home. I called Jeff and he came out. Again he went above and beyond. Not only did he take care of the mold... which is amazing!!! But he found a leak in my mom's toilet that was leaking under her house, he worked with her insurance company to try to get the work covered under insurance. They cleaned out her closets, they helped her get things back together.

Apparently over the 30+ years anytime someone has done work under my parents' home they have left any trash, pipes, discarded material under their house. Bags and bags and bags of it. (See the photo) This was not their job to get this out of there for my mom. They did not have to acknowledge that it was even there, she would have never known. They cleaned all of this, and even wrapped one of her ducts that needed it (that she has paid multiple others to do, that they apparently haven't done before).

I would recommend A1 to everyone I could. They are amazing!!

Myself and my wife were referred to A1 quality home inspections for our first time buying a home. Jeff and his crew came out and did the home inspection in a timely manner and were very professional. Jeff had the home inspection report to myself by the end of the day. I asked his personal opinion about the home itself and what he thought regarding the issues we had and he gave his honest opinion. Which was greatly appreciated by myself. If you're looking for a quality and thorough home inspection with an honest report contact Jeff!! I will never use someone else and will definitely recommend him if someone is in need.

Jeff and his crew did a great job removing mold in our house. They ended up finding more than expected and he still went out of his way to take care of it. He valued doing valuable work. Would highly recommend if you are looking for high quality mold removal!

I was given A1 Home Inspection service as a reference from a friend that had previously used them in Shelbyville. They said A1 did a great job for them so I called A1 to have them inspect a home for me. My friend truly gave A1 great reviews and I can see why! A1 has great customer service upfront from the start. I got a full report with pictures for a great price and couldn't be happier! 100% satisfied with this home won't be disappointed

Jeff responded immediately to my request for a quote for mold removal. We were able to meet the same day! He arrived 10 minutes early for our appointment. I was told by a roofing company I had a "severe mold issue in the attic". As soon as Jeff looked in my attic, he informed me I did not have any was concrete dust! He even checked in my basement and showed me how the boards had been used to form the foundation of my basement. What a relief! When I asked what I owed him, he said nothing! Jeff was extremely personable, knowledgeable and professional! I would highly recommend him for any inspection needed! Thanks Jeff!